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Using the Life Satisfaction Wheel Self Test

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The Life Satisfaction Wheel portrayed here represents the most common areas of our life. Ideally, we would all feel powerful and satisfied in each area of life, but that’s not always the case. In one, two, or several areas we may feel weak and out of balance. Sometimes we aren’t even sure which are out of balance until we actually take a close look. The self-test is a guide to help you to look at your life and then, ultimately, to strive toward the ideal powerful and balanced state.

The life satisfaction wheel

Power Zones

After completing the self-test, pick out the areas in which you scored the highest. These areas represent your power zones — the balanced and satisfactory areas of your life that support your overall wellness. It is important to remember that these areas are a source of positive energy and help support the “power of you.”

Power-Draining Zones

Next, pick out the areas in which you scored the lowest. These areas represent your power-draining zones — the unbalanced and unsatisfactory areas of your life that keep you from feeling your best. These areas are undeveloped and need attention. Improvement in these areas will ultimately help support the “power of you.”

From Power-Draining to the Power of You!

Once you have identified your Power-Draining Zones, begin by envisioning your ideal state in each of the areas. Be clear in your mind about what your ideal state is. Then, set the intention to get to that ideal state by setting a few goals. Make sure that each goal is SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely). It is important that a goal seem realistic and attainable so you will be motivated to achieve it. Once you do, celebrate that you have taken an important step along your path. Soon you will be on your way from being drained of your power toward a powerful, energized, and balanced you!

Travel Tip

Be patient and kind with yourself and don’t expect your life to change overnight. Your goals, dreams, and power will manifest with practice and training–not much different from any other fitness program! And always remember the areas of your life that already support the power of you — they’re like your energy drink replenishing you with good stuff!

Author: David Holt is managing editor of HUM@Nmedia and Chief Strategy Officer. An active outdoorsman and sought after writer.

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